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Gift box firm links up with tree-planting scheme

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Personalised gift company Colleague Box has teamed up with a tree-planting scheme to support efforts to combat climate change.

The firm is collaborating with JUST ONE Tree, a non-profit organisation that participates in global reforestation.

JUST ONE Tree works with business, schools and individuals who want to help combat climate change and cut carbon emissions by planting trees in countries around the world. For every £1 donated, it plants a tree.

Natalie Bamford, co-founder and chief executive at Colleague Box, said: “We have partnered with several charities and non-profit organisations that help people in our community – the likes of Derby County Community Trust, Safe & Sound and Food 4 Thought Alliance; a charity that supports people who are experiencing food poverty.

“But we also want to do our bit for the planet, so that’s why we signed up to JUST ONE Tree.

“It’s our way of helping to combat climate change and something that we feel very strongly about.”

It is the latest initiative from the Derby-based business, which has also recently installed an electric car charging port at its Northedge Business Park headquarters.

The firm has also recently conducted a sustainability audit, which looked at everything from its supply chain to the way it distributes its products.

Adam Bamford, Colleague Box’s chief operating officer, said: “There was a report out very recently, conducted by the Ocean and Coastal Management journal, that was quite alarming.

“If we don’t all look at how we can reduce our carbon footprint then temperatures will rise, oceans will expand and about a third of England’s coast will be put under pressure by rising sea levels.

“Global warming isn’t something that is happening in the Arctic or the rainforest; its effects can be seen closer to home, too.

“We’ve been speaking to other businesses about changes they have made and look to companies such as ethical play equipment provider and eco-champions Cosy for inspiration.”

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