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Cosy Direct

Cosy Direct are a high research, low-carbon, Queen’s award-winning school equipment designer and developer. We currently develop 4,000 products and sell both nationally and internationally to schools and nurseries in over 30 countries.

We are a community business working through 3 communities:

  1. Supporting communities of growing small-size suppliers through funding, QC, HR, strategy and systems
  2. Researching with communities of teachers across the UK, up to 1,000 ideas each year
  3. Through the Cosy Foundation, we supply 2,000 hours of volunteer labour and share 10% of our profits across 80 charities and tabletops.

We became a Bondholder to support the city and county, to elevate business and organizations and build a local community.

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Katie Wells

Lindsey Hatfield

Commercial Development Manager

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