Blue Arrow

For over fifty years Blue Arrow has supplied staffing solutions, that have helped some of the UK's leading companies recruit the best people available for a wide range of multi sector temporary and permanent positions.

Blue Arrow wanted to become part of the Bondholder community because existing members provided its team with excellent recommendations.

A spokesperson for the company said: "We believe - as a large employer in Derbyshire - we have an important role to work in partnership with our fellow Bondholders and to have a strong and positive impact to the area in any way that we can."

From what we’ve seen so far, Bondholder events are something new and thoroughly enjoyable - we’re really excited to be a part of it

"We believe networking and relationship building with local businesses is vital and that Bondholders should continue to work together to improve Derby's reputation and growth."

"We feel we are in a great position to view the growth and development of Derby as we supply staff to a large range of sectors in the area. We have visibility of manufacturing, logistics, transport, catering and hospitality, office and retail businesses and work closely with a vast amount of companies in these sectors. We see all of these sectors having very positive futures following on from 2015."

"Derby is a city on the rise. It is evident with the increase in recognised brands, new businesses getting the support they need to establish and grow, sporting teams flying the flag and venues encouraging participation from the local community."

"We have strong links with some of the area's largest and most renowned companies and we felt that basing ourselves in Derby would allow us to build from that reputation and to forge long-standing business relationships. We all love Derby for different reasons: the shopping, fantastic countryside, the vast array of stunning restaurants and for some of us the local football team."

St Katherines House
St Mary's Wharf
Mansfield Road