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Panel debates to shine light on key issues at Spotlight

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A series of panel debates are set to take place at Bondholder Spotlight, which will tackle some of the pressing issues facing businesses.

Inclusivity in the workplace and how to deal with the rising cost of doing business are among the major topics that will be tackled by panels at the day-long event.

‘Creating an Inclusive Culture’, hosted by Dr Joanne Bishton, head of equity, inclusion and wellbeing at the University of Derby, will discuss inclusivity in the workplace and how employers can improve and better understand solutions to potentially perceived barriers.

To be signed by BSL interpreter and coach Sarah Gatford, the panel will be made up of Martin Austin, managing director of Nimbus Disability and The Access Card, Deborah Garlick, founder of Henpicked, Neil Hogan, from Arcadis Consulting and Sarah Markham, founder and chief executive of Calm in a Box.

Another panel debate that is set to take place is called Weathering the Storm: Mitigating the impact of energy price hikes for businesses.

Hosted by Bev Wakefield, director of Vibrant Accountancy, it brings together a group of experts, including Robert Buckley, head of relationship development at Cornwall Insight, an independent energy, research and consulting firm, which has carried out detailed research into the topic.


They will be joined by Tom Erskine, business development director at Scenariio, which helps businesses save money on energy using smart technology, and Darren Jukes, global finance industrials leader at PwC.

Finally, the younger generation will be thrust into the spotlight at a panel debate called The Dream Team of the Future.

Jointly hosted by Claire Twells, of Spotlight’s headline sponsor Smith Partnership, and April Allman, of Enthusiasm Trust, it will explore the perspectives of our leaders of tomorrow.

Joining Clare to share their take on issues, opportunities and, most importantly dreams, will be Liza Nahirniak, a graduate from Ukraine, Kimberley Leask, of Enthusiasm Trust, Lennon Hall, of upcoming Derby rock band Marseille and entrepreneur Ali Qureshi.

Bondholder Spotlight takes place from 8am to 5pm, on Thursday 13 October, at Reach Events, on Pride Park.

To find out more or to book places for Bondholder Spotlight visit here or contact Lindsey at

An online version of the event programme, which includes a full timetable of the day’s activities, is available here.

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