Latest News | 16 March 2023

Brochure showcases rail’s net zero solutions

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The Rail Forum has launched a new brochure which showcases the work the rail industry is doing to meet net zero targets.

The Rail Supply Chain Decarbonisation brochure contains a number of examples of solutions being developed by firms involved in the industry, which can help decarbonise the railway.

Among the firms featured in the new brochure are TidyCo.

Elaine Clark, chief executive of Rail Forum said: “As always, our members are at the heart of what we do, and we are committed to ensuring that we support them on this important journey.

“Our Route-2-Zero programme incorporated a series of online workshops designed to help ensure that the rail supply chain is able to grasp the net zero challenge.

“We were particularly keen to provide multiple forums for SMEs to promote what they are doing to reduce their environmental impact and the launch of this brochure highlights some of our members’ achievements to date.”

James Brewer, head of rail supply chains at the Business Department, said: “Net zero, decarbonisation and clean energy growth will only happen with the delivery of economic benefits that can demonstrate to everyone the true value of the energy transition – the Rail Forum’s Rail Supply Chain Decarbonisation brochure is helping to do just that.”

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