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Bondholders ‘hook up’ for new networking group

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The people behind Ask the Chameleon and Think3 have got together to launch a new informal business networking group.

‘The hookup’ is a speed-dating inspired business networking group, which allows members to find their next business relationship, in an informal and relaxed setting.

Following a recent launch event, which had more than 50 attendees, the hookup is now officially live for businesses who want to put themselves out there.

It is the latest venture between Rachel and Lee, which aims to support businesses.

In 2020, the duo successfully launched the UK Swap Shop, which allowed firms to swap skills and services, in order to help them survive the pandemic.

The hookup aims to take this a stage further; still providing the opportunity for businesses to exchange their skills, it now introduces the concept of dating into how businesses can increase their own visibility, proactively seek out new relationships and build longer term commercial success.

Lee said: “We wanted a platform that could give people a chance to ask for something they needed, that’s why we introduced Swap Shop.

“We always knew there was room for improvement on what we launched in under two weeks and we’ve spent the last couple of years working out how we could take it up a notch.

“Now, we have the hookup, a place to be wooed by potential new customers where you can be recognised for what you are good at. A dating-inspired lead-generating machine!”

rachel hookup launch.jpg

Rachel said: “We are encouraging small businesses and charities to sign up to our free or premium membership and see where the hookup can take them – no filters, no catfishes, just real business, finding their perfect business match.”

To find out more about the hookup visit here.

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