Derby High School

We educate boys and girls aged 3-11 and girls aged 11-18.  We are proud to be the number one school for academic achievement in Derbyshire.

The school’s ethos, is firmly rooted in Christian values.  We aim for excellence for all pupils in every aspect of academic studies and non-academic pursuits by providing a happy and stable environment based on these values.  The intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual development of all pupils is nurtured and they are encouraged to become responsible, well-rounded adults.

We think the bondholder scheme is an excellent platform for organisations to work together with an overarching common purpose.

A spokesperson said: "It is sometimes unclear how, as a school, we are able to contribute or ‘give something back’ to Derby and the bondholder scheme seems like an excellent vehicle for that."

"We are looking forward to meeting the inspirational characters who lead Derby’s business community and becoming a Bondholder will give us the opportunity to do that."

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