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I founded SimpliciB in September 2020. 

My expertise is planning and cooking healthy meals at home and lunches and snacks at work. I educate in a variety of versatile ways to be creative rather than repetitive.

I have 15 years’ experience working with various companies as an operational expert and training and helping businesses improve performance, productivity, efficiency, quality, customer, and people satisfaction and drive down costs. I apply these skills and techniques to my approach to food planning and cooking.

I am Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Qualified, Lean Practitioner, LCS Qualification and I have a HNC & HND in Business Management.

My current business focus is delivering various food workshops to businesses as part of employee well being. I am also running a social media campaign to help people with mental health get cooking and the link between food and mental health.

For me, what I am seeing at the moment is a real opportunity to enjoy Derby and its culture through socialising – DTE, Bustler Market etc.

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