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Becky set to give manufacturer’s staff food for thought

Pennine Healthcare
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Medical device manufacturer Pennine Healthcare has teamed up with food education and awareness business SimpliciB to boost the wellbeing of staff.

The Derby firm has partnered with SimpliciB founder Becky Brown, who will deliver her Food and Mood workshop to employees.

SimpliciB is an award-winning firm which delivers food workshops to businesses as part of employee wellbeing.

It began during lockdown, using social media to share recipe ideas and help prevent panic buying.

It was from this that Becky realised there was a business opportunity, helping people understand food, buying and eating habits, allowing them to make better choices.

SimpliciB and Pennine have got together following an introduction by Lindsey Hatfield, commercial development manager at Marketing Derby.

Becky said: “Firstly, this is what I love about being a Bondholder. Marketing Derby truly helps people build their business.

“If it had not been for Lindsey, I wouldn’t have made contact with Pennine Healthcare.

“I had been keeping a close eye on Pennine so was thrilled when we were introduced.

“What stands out to me is how much they genuinely care about their employees.

“I am really looking forward to tweaking my Food and Mood workshop for their employees. This is a trial workshop with the hope of more workshops being booked.”

Dan Wilson, head of marketing and communications at Pennine, said: “Here at Pennine, we have recently launched an initiative titled ‘The Heart of Life is Health’.

“This is the fundamental belief that there is no greater importance than your health and wellbeing.

“By partnering with SimpliciB, we are empowering our colleagues to be more informed about the link between food and mood, and we cannot wait to get started.”

To find out more about Becky’s Food and Mood workshops e-mail or call 07542 829039.

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