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pfbb UK creates better places by developing, managing and supporting Business Improvement Districts and town and city centre forums, task forces and partnerships.

Our team of experienced professionals have worked across the UK for the last 20 years, bringing people together to work collaboratively on the delivery of town centre master plans. Skilled in a range of disciplines developing the strengths and profiles of town and city centres, commercial areas and industrial estates – place making.

pfbb UK has become recognised as one of the UK’s leading firms in developing and managing Business Improvement Districts using them as a catalyst for building distinctive places, attracting investment and creating strong business communities.

pfbb UK’s philosophy is that more is achieved through working together than anyone or any business or organisation can achieve working on their own. True collaboration builds communities and strong economies. We all have a role to play in shaping the future of our towns, cities and working environments, we cannot stand back and think it will be done by others.

We are passionate about places and communities which make them. Ian Ferguson is Derby born and bred and wants to see Derby achieve its full potential. Marketing Derby is a way of bringing the Derby community of businesses together to invest their energies and creativity in achieving this goal. 

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