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BULKHEAD is a video game studio based in Derby. The studio was formed by six university friends who went on to create a series of indie titles. These included The Turing Test and Battalion 1944. Over the past decade, the studio has grown massively into a team of over 120 talented game developers. The in-studio team is currently working on our most ambitious project yet, WARDOGS. This is our stab at making the definitive all-out warfare multiplayer shooter game. We are also actively becoming more involved in the Derby community by sponsoring and partnering with local businesses. Our sleeve sponsorship of the Derby County football club is the first of many. Our game and company are targeted at young people heavily involved in the video game space, interested in first-person shooter gaming, and interested in military games and films. This audience is worldwide.

BULKHEAD was founded in Derby, by Derby University students. It has always been BULKHEAD’s home city. After years of pushing to become the studio we are today we are finally in a position where we can give back to the community. We love what Marketing Derby is doing for the city and we want to be a part of it.

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