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Video production firm takes inspiration from Hollywood

University of Derby
GoldBox Productions Limited
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Video production company GoldBox has taken inspiration from Hollywood movie trailers for its latest film promoting its services.

Instead of creating a standard promo advert, the company, which was founded by four University of Derby graduates, has created what it describes as a ‘trailer/advert hybrid’.

The film, which is just over a minute long, borrows some of the elements of a movie trailer, while delivering key messages about the firm’s video production services.

Creative director Joshua Spaticchia, who founded Goldbox with James Heaney, Odhran Taylor and Ben Collinson, said: “We’ve been on the search for ways to innovate our branding, and how we tell our story.

“We’re confident that this trailer-advert hybrid is something people haven’t seen before and will captivate audiences in a whole new way.

“We believe this unique approach we have taken to advertising will resonate with other business owners looking to redefine the expectation of promoting, but also inspire them to think outside the box when it comes to marketing strategies.”

To view the new film visit .

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