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Toyota begins deliveries of fleet for Paris Olympics

Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd
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Toyota has started delivering vehicles for the forthcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris, which includes a car made by Toyota Manufacturing UK at its Derbyshire plant.

Recently, a fleet handover ceremony was held in front of the Paris 2024 headquarters.

As the worldwide mobility partner of the International Olympic Committee and the International Paralympic Committee, Toyota’s vehicles will support the Paris games, showcasing its inclusive and sustainable mobility solutions.

They will ensure that athletes, stakeholders, staff, volunteers and spectators can move around safely during the games, with reduced environmental impact.

In total Toyota will provide a passenger vehicle fleet of more than 2,650 electrified vehicles and 700 electric last-mile mobility solutions.

Among the fleet will be the Toyota Corolla, which is manufactured at Burnaston, in Derbyshire.

During the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024, all Toyota vehicles, including the electrified fleet and advanced mobility solutions, will adopt a specially designed Paris 2024 visual identity, highlighting the strong partnership between Toyota and the games.

Yoshihiro Nakata, president and chief executive at Toyota Motor Europe, said: “At Toyota, we are delighted to embark on this journey with Paris 2024, exemplifying our commitment to pioneering sustainable mobility solutions.

“Our multi-path approach to reduce carbon emissions is at the core of the Toyota fleet that will be made available to the Olympic and Paralympic family at Paris 2024.

“Toyota will bring a 100% electrified passenger vehicle fleet to Paris, in line with our commitment to reduce carbon emissions.”

Tony Estanguet, president of Paris 2024, said: “Working with Toyota as the global mobility partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024 enables us to act towards a more accessible and inclusive mobility, and a more responsible one too, as we focus on our goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in every aspect of the Paris 2024 Games.”

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