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How 200-year-old pottery firm is creating a new history

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The latest edition of Marketing Derby’s Innovate magazine celebrates Derbyshire’s manufacturers – and among them is Denby Pottery.

The firm, which has more than 200 years of history behind it, is currently enjoying great success with its products – particularly in the Far East.

Now, the company is building on this success, as Innovate discovers.

Denby has been manufacturing for more than 200 years on the same site, using techniques developed over decades as part of a process which ensures each individual piece is honed by more than 20 sets of skilled hands.

Now, the company is building on its Far East success by establishing a new operation in China.

Closer to home, the business has also just opened a new porcelain production unit – “a factory within a factory” – where its workers’ skills with stoneware will be used to craft fine whiteware items.

Denby’s global marketing director, Hayley Baddiley, understands the deep connection the business has with its region.

She told Innovate: “It’s an iconic brand with a ton of stories to tell.
“The company has a real family feel and our people take great pride in working for a business that has so much history.”

To read the full article in the latest Innovate magazine click here.

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