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Hard-hitting film brings together safety messages

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A new hard-hitting film has been made to support of a campaign to prevent violence against women and girls, which is backed by Derby City Council and specialist child protection charity Safe and Sound.

The film, made with the help of Future Proof Films as part of the Safe Derby campaign, highlights the importance of stepping in and challenging harassment and violence against women.

Backed by Home Office funding, Safe Derby was launched recently to rally communities across the city to tackle, challenge and prevent violence against women and girls in public places.

As well as a series of workshops, training, initiatives and a capital programme to upgrade CCTV and lighting, the film has been made to highlight the reality of harassment and violence facing many women who simply want to enjoy an evening out and how timely intervention can help prevent gender-based crime.

Stevie Wild, young person’s engagement officer at the city council, who co-produced the film, said: “Everyone has the right to enjoy a sociable evening out with friends without fear of harassment, inappropriate behaviour and assault.

“The overriding message in this film is that we can all play an important role as an active bystander – recognising that something is not right, stepping in to help and challenging aggressive behaviour whether from a friend or a stranger.

“We also wanted to highlight the importance of reporting such crimes to the police, which we know many women and girls are reluctant to do – perhaps thinking that they will not be believed or will, in some way, be judged.”

Councillor Matthew Eyre, cabinet member for place and community development, said: “The release of the film is a powerful culmination of the Safe Derby campaign, which has included many different elements to raise awareness of this important issue.

“The overarching objective of the campaign has been to signal Derby’s zero tolerance towards, and promotion of a city free from, gender-based violence, abuse, harassment and exploitation.

“Our goal has been to make Safe Derby an important starting point to raising wider awareness of the issue and to empower everyone in our local communities to play their part in tackling gender-based violence.”

To watch the new film, please click here.

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