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Full fibre firm reveals brand overhaul

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Independent full fibre platform CityFibre has launched a major overhaul of its brand to help it cement its position as one of the UK’s largest full fibre networks.

The company, which is currently working to install full fibre across Derby, is updating its visual identity, messaging and tone of voice to reflect its status as the nation’s digital infrastructure challenger and to more effectively engage millions of people as it rolls out its new networks across the country.

It follows research carried out on CityFibre’s behalf, which showed that consumer confusion was “endemic” in the broadband market, with 64% of consumers unaware of the difference between full fibre and part fibre broadband.

The updated brand’s assets have been designed to help cut through the confusion, explaining the superior user-experience when connected to CityFibre’s network, made possible by a new, fibre-only infrastructure platform, unencumbered by legacy network or systems.

The firm is already directly engaging with over 2.5 million homes and businesses each month through direct mails, letter drops, digital advertising and email marketing to drive awareness of the benefits of switching network and the availability of its partners’ service offerings.

The new messaging and brand have also been optimised to support and augment its partners’ marketing communications, helping them to drive customer acquisitions and migrate existing customers at volume.

Dan Ramsay, chief marketing officer at CityFibre, said: “Thanks to years of forced reliance on outdated copper and cable networks, people across the country are underwhelmed, confused and mistrustful of the broadband industry.

“Given its importance to every aspect of our lives, we don’t believe that’s acceptable.

“That’s why we’re excited to unveil our new brand identity. It’s bold and straight-talking, designed to cut through, engage and inform people that the best way to improve their experience, is to change their network.”

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