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Event will show how Bondholders can support Ukrainians

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Upbeat Communities is calling on Marketing Derby Bondholders to come forward and find out more about how they can support refugees into employment, including those arriving from Ukraine.

The charity, which welcomes and helps integrate refugees into the local community, is set to hold a breakfast event, which will explain to Bondholders how they can help.

At the event, people will hear from a member of the Ukrainian community, who Upbeat has been working closely with in recent weeks.

Refugees of other nationalities will also share their experiences of employment in the UK.

The charity said: “As we’ve seen the invasion of Ukraine take place, communities across the UK have been preparing to welcome Ukrainians who have had to flee their homes.

“In the coming months, as more people arrive, we know the business community will be keen to play its part in supporting refugees.

“At this Upbeat Communities breakfast, we would like to offer you the benefit of our experience, both as an organisation who supports refugees but also as an employer of refugees.

“No matter what your life experience has been, searching for a job is daunting and everyone would like to feel a sense of fulfilment in their work and find a job which suits their skills.

“But looking for a job in an unfamiliar country, in an unfamiliar culture and where your qualifications and skills might not be directly translatable, can be challenging and demoralising at a time in your life when you have already experienced so much loss and grief.

“We want to empower Marketing Derby members by helping you to understand a little about what it’s like for refugees as they look for work, the challenges they face and the reality of their experiences.

“Our hope is that you will leave our breakfast with some tangible things to reflect on if you consider employing someone from a refugee background or what your business can do to support this community locally.”

The breakfast event will take place from 8am to 9.30am on Thursday 19 May at Upbeat’s centre at Trinity Baptist Church, in Green Lane, Derby.

To register for the event e-mail

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