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Upbeat Communities has been providing support to asylum seekers and refugees in Derby since 2005. Our focus is on welcoming newly arrived families and individuals in Derbyshire and Lincolnshire and helping them to integrate and rebuild their lives. Those seeking asylum in the UK have often experienced untold horrors in their home countries, fled their homes, and traveled across the world to seek refuge and find safety. At Upbeat Communities, we provide a safe space to come and enter into the community in Derby by providing English classes, support groups, employability training, and activities.

We also have two fantastic social enterprises:

Upbeat Clean – which is a cleaning social enterprise that aims to combine life-changing employment with excellent commercial cleaning services across Derby.

Derby Language School – Launched by Upbeat 10 years ago, the langauge school provides tailored language training to companies and individuals in Derbyshire. We provide classes in English, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese and Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese).

The profit from both of these social enterprises goes to support Upbeat Communities.

“Marketing Derby is a great way for Upbeat Communities and its social enterprises to engage across the city in a way that benefits Derby and those who are need help across the city.

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