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Bondholders show backing for sexual abuse charity

Smith Partnership
SV2 - Supporting Victims of Sexual Violence Ltd.
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Smith Partnership and HUUB have shown their backing for sexual abuse charity SV2 by signing up as community partners.

The charity, which supports anyone who has experienced sexual abuse, has teamed up with other charities and businesses across the city and county to improve access to its wide range of services.

Smith Partnership and HUUB are among the first organisations to offer their premises for those needing support to meet with SV2 counsellors, therapists and ISVAs (Independent Sexual Violence Advisors).

Further partners across the county are due to come on board in the coming months.

Rachel Morris, chief executive of SV2, said: “We are grateful to the first tranche of community partners for providing their premises in the city to help men and women who need our support to meet with us in surroundings that are safe, secure and private.

“This initiative is part of our ongoing community development to identify and remove any potential barriers which may exist for people accessing SV2’s services.

“We will also use the premises to meet internally and to develop stronger working relationships with specific community groups who we work with to support their own networks and service users.”

Rachel said extensive work was being done to focus on key groups who are currently under-represented within SV2’s client base, including people from BAME communities, male victims of sexual abuse, the LGBTQ+ community and older people.

She said: “Although there are diverse and often complicated reasons why some people in these communities do not seek support, location and ease of access to services is often an issue and we are therefore keen to provide varied options to address this.

“There are of course wider issues such as language barriers, cultural norms and fear of stigma but this network of community partners is certainly a step in the right direction.”

SV2 supported 1,536 children, young people and adults between April 2023 and March 2024 through a range of services including through the helpline, ISVA support through the criminal justice system, counselling and therapy.

The charity also supports the wider families and works to prevent and raise awareness of rape and sexual abuse and their effects through training and education programmes across the county.

For more information about the services provided by SV2 visit .

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