Hodgkinson Bricklaying Contractors

Hodgkinson Bricklaying Contractors aims to build your buildings on time, in budget and safely.

As diversity with skills and cultures grow we progress through business with amazing future prospects. New and different businesses join the community and with the help of others and technology, they are all able to grow and excel. With social media for example, the smallest company can now be seen by the largest and relationship prospects increase.

We are very passionate about Derby as a community. We feel Marketing Derby is very supportive of the city and we want to do what we can to give back to the city that has supported us. Promoting Derby is a great aim as we all want the community to grow and boom with success, a successful community is full of successful businesses and people.

"We personally believe the education sector is in great support of businesses as they hold our workers of the future and should be massively invested in as we need new skilled businesspeople to be ready and equipped for work in all sectors."

"We love Derby city as a whole, the community is hugely supportive as Marketing Derby and all its Bondholders reflect. However Hodgkinsons employees and workers have a strong passion for the great Derby County Football Club! We even based our office so we are looking over the glorious stadium.

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Unit 36, Royal Scot Road
DE24 8AJ