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We love what we do, and our passion for technology helps us find solutions for to IT challenges and keep our customers businesses up and running.

Based near Chester Green in Derby, our expert IT specialists take the time to understand your business and learn your vision, so we can be proactive on your behalf.

While we work closely with businesses connected to the Property Industry, our business based approach means we’re well poised to help other businesses that find themselves reliant on technology in their day to day operations.

We applied for, and won, the Rising Star Award in 2018.

The reason we applied was because we could see how great Marketing Derby was at promoting the business community within Derby with the wide ranging and varied Bondholder Events. This is helped further by the work the Marketing Derby team do in promoting Derby in the UK and abroad for inward investment opportunities.

It is the combination of those two things that will maintain a bright and vibrant future for Derby.

The business community of any city is at the leading edge of changes made to it. This is perfectly true for Derby. It’s the business community that create the employment opportunities that attract people to chose to live and settle in Derby and the surrounding area.

With the fantastic legacy that Derby has in introducing innovation & technology to the world, it already attracts businesses keen to drive things forward.

I can see Derby expanding the City centre to appeal to those looking for a city lifestyle, and improving transport links to feed the desire of those looking to settle in the surrounding rural areas while still being involved in leading technologies and developments.

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