Bloc Digital

Bloc Digital specialises in supporting industrial sectors with marketing, training and Industry 4.0 solutions. It utilises its six core disciplines – design, 3D modelling, animation, immersive, software, and data – to create stunning visuals, interactive experiences and data-driven technologies that enhance and streamline its clients’ sales and processes. 

The company has a global portfolio of multi-national and blue-chip clients across the engineering and manufacturing sectors, enabling brands such as Rolls-Royce, Kongsberg Maritime, GSK, Siemens, JCB, and Manchester Airports Group to work smarter, be more connected, and have greater impact on their customers and markets.

Bloc Digital’s ability to produce industry-leading 3D digital content and deliver the most cost-effective solutions has seen it experience strong and organic growth over the past two decades… the company now has a team of over 50 in-house employees, offices in the UK and USA, and multiple awards. 

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