SureScreen Diagnostics Limited

SureScreen is a family-run business located in Derby that provides quality and timely diagnostics spanning a broad range of markets.  SureScreen has 3 divisions:

  • SureScreen Diagnostics providing medical supplies including drugs of abuse, infectious diseases and lifestyle testing.
  • SureScreen Life Sciences provides expert advice in chronic illnesses using cutting edge neurochemistry testing, nutritional expertise and laboratory skill.
  • SureScreen Scientifics tackling failures in materials of everything you can imagine, from inspecting dead crows to formula 1 gearboxes.  Technical skill developed over many years in helping clients to realise the cause of their problems in production or manufacture, and advising on the best course of action and prevention.
Derby is a hub of technical talent and expertise and SureScreen are happy to join like-minded business people to support and promote the city.

We're proud of the industrial and entrepreneurial history of Derby, the many landmarks Derby boasts and the balance of countryside with city which make Derby a pleasant place to work and live.

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