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University addresses inequality in national report on levelling up

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The University of Derby has joined leading voices from across policy and politics to contribute to a new report aimed at addressing inequality.

Vice chancellor Professor Kathryn Mitchell CBE, associate professor in history and impact Larissa Allwork, and head of regional development and policy Gaynor Davis, are part of a group of 16 leading thinkers on levelling up who have written the report, Levelling Up – What is it and can it work.

Published by the Centre for Inequality and Levelling Up (CEILUP) at the University of West London, the report states that a hyper-local approach focused on the needs of the most challenged communities is needed to achieve change, all based on a holistic approach to tackling inequality.

The report also outlines a more system-thinking approach that connects policies to address levelling up, together with broader policy agendas, based on a number of key principles.

Professor Mitchell said: “At Derby, we are committed to helping tackle inequality and know what positive outcomes can be achieved when businesses, universities, policy makers and advisory organisations come together to drive forward positive change regionally and nationally.

“This is why we are delighted to be part of this collaboration to bring together such varied and insightful ways of addressing the levelling up agenda and the challenges associated with it.”

Editor of the report, Professor Graeme Atherton, head of the Centre for Inequality and Levelling Up, said: “This report lays out a road map to deliver levelling up that is based on what we know works where addressing inequality is concerned and would also command support from the communities that need the most support and the organisations that work in them.

“It is clear that given the scale of the levelling up challenge, a bold and innovative agenda that cut across all parts of economic and social policy and geographical boundaries is required, and this report provides one.”

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