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Trust hails progress of conservation programme

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust
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Derbyshire Wildlife Trust has hailed the success of a project, which supports its vision to create more space for nature’s recovery.

Derwent Connections, an 18-month project funded by the Green Challenge Recovery Fund, was completed by the trust earlier this year as part of its vision to create 30,000 hectares of wooded habitats and wetland by 2050.

Its aim was to identify ways to make more space for nature, through improving woodland ecosystem connectivity; and more space for water by implementing natural flood management measures and slowing the flow across surfaces and down slopes.

The development work carried out by the Derwent Connections team will support the Living Derwent Forest programme, which will see many more hectares of habitat being created.

The Living Derwent Forest is part of programme led by Natural England.

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust was recently awarded funding to create connected wooded habitats between the Northern and National Forests to allow movement of species in response to climate change.

It is part of a trial to find the most effective ways to capture carbon and mitigate the impacts of climate change.

It will also develop an economically viable programme to support landowners to create and expand dynamic and resilient ecosystems.

Rachel Bennett, landscape recovery manager at Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, said: “At Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, we are committed to addressing the UK’s climate and ecological emergencies.

“We believe that nature-based solutions are the best mechanisms to deliver a range of crucial ecosystem services, from carbon sequestration to natural flood management; and a landscape durable enough to withstand the untold impacts of climate change.

“Through engaging, training, and supporting local landowners, the Derwent Connections Project has facilitated woodland creation and natural flood management measures and made significant progress towards our goal of achieving 30,000 hectares of wooded habitat by 2050.”

“This project would not have been possible without the hard work of our dedicated volunteers who contributed more than 500 hours to the project.

“This important work has created the roadmap to support the successful delivery of the Living Derwent Forest Programme, which aims to create a corridor for nature between the National Forest in the Midlands and the Northern Forest.”

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