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Test and measurement firm reflects on a decade of innovation

Devtank Ltd
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Test and measurement firm Devtank has been reflecting on the success of an event it staged to marked 10 years in business.

The firm, which is based in Etwall Road, near Mickleover, is an award-winning specialist in test, measurement, and automation.

Its data collection technology can help businesses be more efficient and sustainable.

The firm recently hosted an open day called A Decade of Data to mark its milestone anniversary – and showcase its expertise in manufacturing production, end-product test solutions, and smart monitoring devices, which together can help create a ‘digital factory’.

Over the past decade, the company has successfully launched two prominent brands: HILTOP and OpenSmartMonitor.

Devtank’s  OpenSmartMonitor brand provides smart sensors enabling businesses to monitor key parameters including temperature, humidity, air quality, sound, light, and electricity.

According to Devtank, data from this tech can help manufacturers make informed decisions towards improved efficiency, increased productivity and sustainability.

One of the standout demonstrations at the open day featured a beer pump equipped with an OpenSense device, providing real-time data on various parameters such as pints poured, pour rate per minute, barrel temperature, barrel fill level, and the ambient environment.

Another highlight was the air quality monitoring station. A small computer fan within a sealed tank illustrated the movement of calibrated dust particles.

Although invisible to the naked eye, the captured data revealed significant activity, sparking discussions about unseen pollutants in workplaces.

A significant portion of the event was dedicated to the Smart Manufacturing Data Hub and its funded Lighthouse Project, awarded to Devtank.

This project involves deploying 500 OpenSense devices across the UK.

Eligible UK manufacturing SMEs receive up to five OpenSense devices each, aimed at enhancing their operational efficiency through smart monitoring.

The open day also offered networking opportunities for guests, complemented by a selection of beverages and live music performed by a member of the Devtank team.

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