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Sarah provides a window into the success of marketing agency

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In the latest edition of Marketing Derby’s Innovate Magazine, we meet Sarah Ball, who founded flourishing agency Balls2 Marketing with husband Andy.

The business, based at Derby’s Jubilee Business Park, specialises in helping those who operate within construction and construction products to promote and grow their businesses.

And Sarah considers herself fortunate to have turned her passion for buildings into a career.

She told Innovate: “I’m absolutely passionate about glazing, about houses and building.

“When you’re talking about glazing, for example, the majority of people think, well, it’s just a window, just pop it in, but it’s about sight lines, about how it’s going to perform, how it’s going to open, can you escape out of it and the look of the building from outside.

“All of those things are massively important but a lot of people, in the old days, just sold very big bits of glass with two top openers – and it was horrendous because it changed the look of people’s houses.”

With backgrounds in the industry, Sarah and Andy set up Balls2 Marketing, utilising their passion and experience to help other businesses grow.

Sarah said: “People ask about the name and how we can call ourselves Balls2Marketing? We were really saying, cheekily, it’s not marketing services, it’s marketing strategy.

“You can do as many marketing services as you want but unless you have a strategy it’s completely pointless because you are just shooting in the dark. So, the name came out of that and, obviously, there were two of us, Andy and Sarah Ball.”

Their approach, internally and externally, has paid off and the business continues to grow, with plans to further increase staffing and turnover.

Sarah told Innovate: “Now we have 16 staff and are on a growth trajectory.

“By the end of the next financial year, we aim to have significantly increased our business and we have put a new management structure in place to support that growth.”

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