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Safeguarding students from online radicalisation

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Cybersecurity firm Nowcomm is set to hold a free webinar highlighting the best ways schools can protect students from radicalisation.

According to the business, traditional methods of safeguarding children online are no longer effective, and schools should make more use of the latest technology.

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Now, the firm, which recently became part of FourNet, will hold an online session on Wednesday 17 May, which will focus on how educational institutions can better safeguard students and pupils online by gaining early visibility with the relevant protection, using the latest technology.

Kevin Prone, chief security architect and Cisco security ambassador at Nowcomm, said: “The internet is one of the most widely used routes to radicalisation.

“Eliminating the multiple avenues that radical groups or vulnerable children go through to access radical content and sites can often seem like a losing battle.

“Without the right technology in place, sophisticated routes to infiltrate schools often go undiscovered.

“By utilising that technology, as we recommend, schools and other educational institutions would have much stronger safeguarding protections in place for our young people.”

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