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Rolls-Royce welder to show skills at international competition

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An expert welder from Rolls-Royce is to fly the flag for the UK at an internationally respected skills competition in China later this year.

Will Hunt, who works at Rolls-Royce Submarines’ Raynesway site, in Derby, was selected for WorldSkills 2022 after excelling in national welding competitions.

He is now part of the 39-strong Team UK who will compete against teams from 80 countries.

Dubbed the ‘Skills Olympics’, the World Skills event is a biennial competition that rewards excellence in technical disciplines.

It brings together young people, industry leaders and education providers to celebrate the value of technical education and training.

Will said: “The welding competitions have been an excellent opportunity for me to broaden my welding skills and knowledge.

“It has also been a great experience welding in a competitive environment at the national finals.

“To be picked to represent the UK on an international stage is something everyone dreams of, and I can only thank Rolls-Royce and my colleagues for the support, training and encouragement they have given me to get this far.”

Steve Crisp, a Rolls-Royce welding school group lead, has been instrumental in Will’s development.

He said: “Enormous congratulations to Will. I know how hard he has worked and how proud he is to be representing Rolls-Royce and Derby on the world stage.

“This shows the wider welding community that Rolls-Royce Submarines is now a serious contender to win gold, due to the high skill level our apprentices are attaining in order to work at this business.”

Rolls-Royce Submarines recently announced the launch of its own Nuclear Skills Academy, based in Derby, and the introduction of 200 additional nuclear apprentice places every year for at least 10 years.

The ambition is to nurture and uncover new talent across a range of nuclear skills, including welding.

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