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Rolls-Royce signs sustainable fuel global declaration

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Rolls-Royce has signed a global declaration, committing to promote the acceleration of the development, products and consumption of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

The engineering giant, which has its civil aerospace and defence divisions in Derby, joined with other key players within the aviation industry – Airbus, Safran and Singapore Airlines – to sign the declaration at last week’s Singapore Air Show.

The aviation industry plays a part in achieving the Paris Agreement targets, with SAF being one of the key decarbonisation levers in the sector.

The Global SAF Declaration calls on industry partners from the aerospace, aviation, and fuel value chains to embrace SAF as an important part of decarbonisation with the ambition to ensure a steady ramp up over the next 10 years.

The declaration is open to all airlines, as well as aviation and aerospace organisations, as a complement to their sustainability commitments.

Grazia Vittadini, chief technology and strategy officer at Rolls-Royce, said: “Signing the declaration is an important milestone for the aerospace industry.

“We welcome the opportunity to push for more SAF use by coming together across the value chain.

“It is important that we combine our efforts and focus into building the momentum required to drive this forward.

“We are all big advocates for the development of alternative propulsion solutions including hydrogen, hybrid-electric and electric and we also recognise that SAFs are a key building block to set us on our path towards achieving our long-term decarbonisation goals.”

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