Latest News | 26 January 2022

Restaurant’s menu innovation for blind and partially-sighted diners

Annie's Burger Shack
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Annie’s Burger Shack has unveiled a new Braille menu to help blind and partially-sighted diners make their choice.

The burger restaurant has collaborated with the My Sight Notts charity to produce the menu, which provides a description of the 34 different burgers the restaurant serves, along with the prices.

The menu, which is available at its Friary Street was launched this month to benefit visually impaired visitors who previously had to ask their server or their companions to read the menu out to them.

My Sight Notts offers companies a Braille translation service and worked with Annie’s over a number of weeks to produce the menus.

Restaurant owner Annie Spaziano, who opened her Derby outlet in 2017, said: “I have been wanting to produce a Braille menu for years and so I’m delighted that we’ve finally been able to get it produced and made available to our customers.

“Our burgers have a huge range of ingredients on them to ensure that each one is unique, and so to describe them all to someone would take ages.

“We want to make sure that people come here and relax, so it makes sense to make sure that everyone can explore our menu independently in their own time.

“My Sight Notts have done a wonderful job for us, and we are already looking at other ways in which we can collaborate with them.”

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