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Police feel the force of Derbyshire-built Toyota Corolla

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Toyota Manufacturing UK has said it is working with Derbyshire Police to modify one of its Corolla models for use as a patrol car.

The firm has been developing its Corolla Touring Sports model, built at Burnaston, for its “blue light” public sector fleet service.

And it has been working closely with Derbyshire Police to design-in more features that will make the model an even stronger proposition for police duties.

Damage caused to police cars from having to drive over speed humps or high kerbs was a particular consideration.

Toyota responded by taking the Corolla Trek – a special version of the Touring Sports estate model – and fitting it with a rough-road pack, raising its ride height so there’s less risk of damage to the body and wheel arches.

Derbyshire police also asked for built-in satellite navigation, parking sensors, a dog guard for the load space and steel wheels – including a full-size spare.

The finished Corolla is now ready for the police to evaluate with road tests.

Toyota said it will continue to maintain the vehicle and obtain performance data and user feedback to help plan future improvements.

Terry Hitchcock, Derbyshire Police’s fleet manager, said: “Derbyshire Police appreciate the opportunity to operate this locally built bespoke product, which will be used for operational purposes within South Derbyshire.

“We are looking forward to seeing how the vehicle performs in this role, particularly with the hybrid power as we start to move away from the traditional standard diesel and petrol cars.”

Richard Kenworthy, managing director of Toyota Manufacturing UK, said: “We have had a good relationship with our local emergency services for 30 years, so when Derbyshire Police approached us requesting a vehicle that could respond to their requirements, we were more than happy to investigate solutions.

“Working in collaboration with our colleagues at Toyota (GB), TMUK is continually exploring and developing additional products and services that we can offer to meet the needs of customers in both the public and private sector.”

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