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Pennine gets into the spirit of backing Derby

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Medical manufacturing firm Pennine Healthcare has launched a new marketing campaign celebrating the ‘Derby Spirit’.

The firm has recently been using the phrase in its social media posts, videos and blogs – and has incorporated it into its new company vision.

The first use of ‘Derby Spirit’ within Pennine came about when its new chief executive Graeme Cameron described his first few months of working and living in Derby, commentating on the fact he had never known a city to have such a close-knit business community.

In an interview in Marketing Derby’s Innovate magazine, published earlier this year, he said: “The sense of community and pride in Derby and Derbyshire is something I have not really felt elsewhere before.

“There’s a passion for the area, for its heritage and a real desire to ensure that innovation and high-quality manufacturing continues in the region for years to come.”

This feeling was further strengthened when Graeme attended a Marketing Derby supported event fronted by Down To Earth, which focussed on its vision for a nature-led regeneration of the city, backed by Sir Tim Smitt, the creator of The Eden Project.

The ‘Derby Spirit’ phrase was once again used at a later senior leadership meeting, which led the firm to adopt it.

In a statement, Pennine said: “Here at Pennine Healthcare, we take great pride in being a Derby manufacturer.

“There are many UK manufacturers, but we feel such a strong bond to our city that we want Derby to define us as a business.

“The ‘Derby Spirit’ is in each and every employee of Pennine Healthcare and we will continue to use this phrase, both internally and externally, as we grow the company.”

The business has put together a video about the Derby Spirit, which can be viewed here.

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