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Osnabruck ambassador opportunity

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The City of Osnabrück, Germany, is looking for young people from Derby who are interested in spending a year in Derby‘s twin city Osnabrück and would like to represent the city there.

The ambassador will work with an international team made up of other ambassadors from Angers (France), Çanakkale (Turkey), Haarlem (Netherlands) and Tver (Russia).

The ambassador‘s tasks are very varied and include: establishing new cultural, educational or commercial connections between the two cities, preparing for guest receptions for visitors from Derby, interpreting at official receptions, translating correspondence, conducting city tours, press and public relations, working on new and existing projects, and organising a summer trip to Derby.

The position starts as soon as possible and runs until 30th September 2024.

If you are interested in the opportunity and have a good command of German, please submit your application by 31st December 2023 to:

Stadt Osnabrück
Referat Oberbürgermeisterin,
Kommunikation und Rat
Bierstraße 28
49074 Osnabrück
For more information, please contact:

Rosie Jones
Tel.: 0049 541 323-2192
Jens Koopmann
Tel.: 0049 541 323-2272

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