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New professional services network launched

Forvis Mazars
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A professional services network formed of Mazars and a public accounting company has launched in the East Midlands.

The international audit, tax and advisory firm is teaming up with Forvis, to operate under a single brand worldwide called Forvis Mazars.

It has now launched in the region with Mazars’ existing team and services.

It is hoped that through the network clients in the East Midlands will have access to a greater range of services, knowledge and advice, alongside the local expertise they currently receive.

The network also expects to particularly benefit businesses that want to grow or establish their footprint in the US.

A second event recently took place at the company’s Derby headquarters, where around 50 staff enjoyed branded cupcakes and prosecco.

Steve English, East Midlands office managing partner at Forvis Mazars, said: “The creation of the Forvis Mazars network is incredibly exciting, creating more opportunities for both our clients and employees in the East Midlands.

“It provides our clients with access to additional expertise and capabilities, as well as on the ground support for those that have a footprint in the US or are looking to establish a presence there.

“We look forward to developing even stronger relationships with our colleagues in the US and providing  our team in the East Midlands with new opportunities as a result.”

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