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Firm delivers crowd safety training to the Met

Mitre Group
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Training provider Mitre Group has announced it is delivering crowd safety and security training to the Metropolitan Police, as well as more Premier League football clubs.

The firm, which is a leading training provider for the sports and events industry, has started delivering Level 4 Diploma in Spectator Safety Management to members of the Met.

Mitre Group also now delivers the same training to more than third of Premier League clubs.

The qualification is designed to equip senior safety personnel with the skills and knowledge to plan, manage and evaluate the safety and security of spectators at sports grounds and other event venues.

Spectator safety is a vital aspect of event management, even more so because of incidents such as the Manchester Arena terror attack, which should soon see the introduction of new legislation surrounding event safety and training requirements for venues that welcome crowds.

Mitre Group has more than 30 years of experience in delivering high-quality training solutions for various sectors, including sports, events, hospitality, health and social care, education, and public services.

Bromley Sibson, managing director of Mitre Group, said: “We are delighted to see a significant increase in uptake of the Level 4 qualification and to be training some of the most prestigious and high-profile organisations in the UK in spectator safety management.

“This qualification is essential for anyone who is responsible for ensuring the safety and security of large crowds at major events.”

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