Latest News | 17 August 2022

E-bikes scheme set to return to Derby city centre

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Derby City Council has announced that an e-bike share scheme is set to return in order to give people more transport choice.

According to the city council, the new scheme will be more targeted and secure, focusing on providing e-bike hire at key locations.

The e-bike project will also build on the knowledge from Derby’s successful e-scooter scheme, which has been in operation since autumn 2020.

The council is now inviting cycle hire operators to come forward and deliver the scheme.

Councillor Steve Hassall, the city council’s cabinet member for regeneration, decarbonisation, strategic planning and transport, said: “It is important to provide the public with more transport choice that reduces congestion and pollution.

“Delivering better, more accessible low-carbon transport will help tackle the climate crisis, promote economic growth and strengthen our communities.”

The scheme will be aimed at students and specific communities where it will generate the most benefits locally.

Enhanced safety and security features will also be included that will reduce theft.

These include better e-bikes and systems, a more stringent authentication process with cross-referencing photo identification and card details to get approved accounts before e-bike hire is possible.

The e-bike project is part of Nottingham and Derby’s Transforming Cities programme.

Working in partnership, Derby City Council and Nottingham City Council secured £161 million from the Department for Transport to invest in local transport infrastructure that will improve sustainable transport, support growth, and encourage more low carbon journeys.

Councillor Hassall said: “This more targeted, more secure e-bike scheme will improve travel in Derby by giving people more choice.”

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