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Denby to take starring role in BBC’s Inside the Factory show

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Denby Pottery will be featured tonight on the popular BBC show Inside the Factory, where viewers will get an insight into how the historic firm makes its products.

Hosted by Gregg Wallace, the programme will go inside the firm’s factory at Denby and discover its production processes and meet some of the team who make its products.

The episode sees a mug, in this particular case Denby’s best-selling Halo Mug, go from raw clay to the finished product.

Linda Salt, corporate affairs manager at Denby, said: “Denby is very proud to have been selected to represent the ceramics industry and be featured on Inside the Factory.

“Known worldwide for its durability, beauty and versatility, Denby is unique in the ceramic industry in using local Derbyshire clay to create its pottery and developing its own glaze recipes to create the stunning glaze effects on its products, in particular the Halo glaze featured in the programme.”

Gregg Wallace

Each piece of Denby passes through over 20 pairs of hands at its 200-year-old pottery, using handcrafting skills passed down through generations.

In the show, Gregg is guided through the process by operations director Dean Barlow.

Linda said: “With his renowned enthusiasm, Gregg seemed to find the process fascinating and during the episode all goes well until he gets to the Glazing Department, where he struggles to replicate the skill of the Denby team!”

The programme will air tonight on BBC2 at 9pm. The show will be repeated tomorrow on BBC2 at 11.15pm and will also be available on BBC iPlayer.

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