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Demand soars for innovative access card

Nimbus Disability
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Nimbus Disability has reported soaring demand for an innovative card, which can help people with access needs visit tourist attractions across the country.

The organisation has said it experiencing high demand for its Access Card, which last year was recognised with a Queen’s Award for Innovation.

The card is held by tens of thousands of people in the UK and beyond who register their accessibility requirements.

Powered by ‘NOS’, Nimbus Disability’s bespoke software, the Access Card system translates its holder’s disability/impairment/access requirements into symbols highlighting the barriers they face.

When booking tickets online, the Nimbus Operating System informs providers quickly and discreetly about the access requirements that individuals need without sharing further information about them with the venue.

This has vastly improved access for disabled people who previously had to provide benefit entitlement letters or invasive amounts of personal information each time they booked tickets for festivals, cinemas, sports matches and more.

The Access Card is already widely recognised at major venues across the UK and beyond including Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, The London Eye, Disneyland Paris, The O2 Arena and Alton Towers.

This summer, Nimbus said it has been handling thousands of applications for the cards as more families ditch their holiday plans, due to factors such as the extreme weather and cost-of-living crisis, in favour of a fun day out closer to home.

Martin Austin MBE, managing director at Nimbus Disability, said: “Applications for the Access Card have soared this summer with the broad appeal of venues such as theme parks.

“While booking tickets, individuals and families recognise that, by applying for the Access Card, they can then broaden their leisure experiences to so many other venues and experiences, from music festivals to theatre shows.

“We have, however, had countless applications from those who want to use their Access Card in the next couple of days to book tickets and this has put our team under a huge amount of pressure.

“As a social enterprise which is run by disabled people for disabled people, all Access Card applications are processed by someone who personal experience of accessibility barriers.

“This is, therefore, not an automated and faceless process and the team have worked tirelessly to keep pace with demand.

“I would therefore urge individuals and families who want to benefit from the Access Card to plan well in advance and contact us before their planned excursion rather than leaving it to the last minute.”

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