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Czechs check out Rolls-Royce nuclear power plan

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Factory-built nuclear power plants could be operating in the Czech Republic by the early 2030s, according to Rolls-Royce.

Tom Samson, chief executive of Rolls-Royce SMR, recently led a delegation to the country to discuss plans for deploying a fleet of small modular rectors in the region.

Rolls-Royce SMR has been working with leading Czech utility company, CEZ, on plans to deploy SMRs to provide long-term energy security, meet net zero targets and decarbonise both electricity networks and industry.

Mr Samson said: “There is a significant opportunity to export our British technology to the Czech Republic and the wider region in support of their low-carbon energy aspirations.

“Rolls-Royce SMR has developed a factory-built power station that can provide clean, affordable electricity for generations to come.

“The Czech Republic has a strong nuclear heritage and, by combining the skills and expertise from the two countries, we can find a route to bring this technology here by the early 2030s, in a way that brings huge benefits for all.”

The visit builds on an agreement signed between Rolls-Royce and CEZ in 2020.

The trop looked at the routes to deploying Rolls-Royce SMRs – the UK’s sovereign nuclear technology – in the Czech Republic and at opportunities to build on expertise in the supply chain from both countries.

The senior representatives from Rolls-Royce SMR were joined by Trade Minister Greg Hands MP.

He said: “Exporting not only helps businesses grow, but also supports jobs, drives productivity and boosts the economy.

“I’m proud to be supporting Rolls-Royce SMR in the Czech Republic and hope these discussions lead to exciting opportunities for the British brand.

“As the recent Energy Minister, I understand the important role small modular reactors offer for enhancing energy security.”

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