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Consultation launched on plan to enhance part of city centre

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Derby City Council has launched a consultation seeking views on improvements to an area of the city centre.

The city council is considering public realm improvements around the Spot, as part of the Transforming Cities programme.

The consultation is aimed at gathering feedback on proposals covering the project area from Gower Street, into Babington Lane, St Peter’s Street to its junction with Osmaston Road and London Road.

The plan is designed to improve safety and connectivity of the area making these streets more pedestrian and disabled user friendly.

It also aims to reduce traffic and improve active travel options, such as cycling.

Councillor Jerry Pearce, cabinet member for Streetpride, said: “This is a very interesting and detailed proposal that will enhance our carbon goals and improve the environment around the Spot.

“We are really keen that as many people as possible to participate in the consultation and give us their feedback.”

The work at the Spot is to be complemented by recent changes to the car parking systems at the Derbion shopping centre.

General manager Adam Tamsett said: “In June 2020, the decision was made to review our car parking offer as we felt that the existing system was not reflective of changing consumer behaviour.

“Following an extensive audit, we took the decision to invest in a new ticketless and cashless solution, designed to make the customer journey seamless from the moment visitors arrive at the centre.

“Within the audit we focused on how a better system could help improve accessibility for all our visitors and included solutions such as lower payment stations and the option to pre-register entry and make payment before your visit.

“Upgrading our car parks was just part of our ongoing schedule of investment in the centre and overall vision for Derbion.”

The Spot consultation, which will run until 16 January, can be viewed by visiting

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