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Artcore continues to ‘build bridges’ with twin city

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Artcore is preparing to stage an exhibition this summer which will showcase the results of its local international residency programme between Derby and its German twin city Osnabruck.

Since 2022, under the banner of Building Bridges, Artcore has been actively collaborating with various partners in Osnabruck, developing seven successful projects for the artistic communities in both cities, including educational initiatives.

In May last year, two artists from Derby visited Osnabruck during the Maiwoche Festival, and in August, two German artists reciprocated the visit, culminating in a collaborative exhibition at Artcore Gallery.

This year, Artcore will continue this partnership with Osnabruck, collaborating with Atelier m82.

The Building Bridges 2024 exhibition, which will run from 12 July to 31 August, will feature the works of Chris Wright, a sound artist, and Ashley Morris, a filmmaker.

The residency aims to explore the various connections and points of reference between Derby and Osnabruck, highlighting what binds these two cities together.

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