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Firm reports progress on cancer drug delivery innovation

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Specialist pharmaceuticals company N4 Pharma has said it is making progress on developing a novel delivery system for cancer treatments and vaccines.

According to the firm, the product, called Nuvec, has the potential to help commercialise cancer immunotherapy drugs and improve the effectiveness of viral vaccines.

Speaking in an operations update, issued by the Chellaston-based firm this week, chief executive Nigel Theobald said that all studies into Nuvec were going well.

He said: “It has been a busy and productive period for the company across our different work streams.

“All studies have progressed well to the point where we now have visible timelines for their conclusion throughout the fourth quarter of this year.”

N4 reported that it had been working on two collaborations relating to Nuvec, which “have progressed well”.

The first agreement is with a major international company involved in gene therapy.

The second is with a UK-based pharmaceutical company, which is developing its own proprietary vaccine for Covid-19 using a DNA plasmid.

Separately, N4 Pharma is planning to start a three-month proof of concept study, to build on the “good results” of a pilot dosage study undertaken earlier this year.

Other studies include a second pilot and a 10-week study looking at tumour models.

Finally, following a grant from the Australian Government, N4 Pharma is to start a more substantive study into the oral application of Nuvec, in conjunction with the University of Queensland.

It will be a three-year programme, fully funded under the grant.

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