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Rare breeds success at Chatsworth

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Chatsworth, which is part of the Devonshire Group, has announced that a critically endangered Suffolk Punch foal is now back at its farmyard.

Back in April, Eugenie, the Chatsworth Farmyard mare, successfully gave birth to a colt foal, who has been named Huxley.

The pair have now returned from the stud farm to take up residence in the farmyard.

The Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST) considers Suffolk Punch horses to be critically endangered.

There are fewer than 500 purebred Suffolk horses registered in the UK now, and Eugenie is one of only 72 female Suffolk punches, making them more endangered than the Giant Panda.

Farmyard team member Rachel Kearsey said: “The farmyard team are thrilled to welcome back Eugenie and Huxley.

“Eugenie was pleased to return to the farmyard – whinnying with excitement when the trailer bought her back into the yard.

“Huxley has been a huge hit with visitors. He was very shy to begin with but his cheeky personality is now showing through.”

Chatsworth Farmyard is home to a number of the country’s rarest breeds of livestock and equines, including Suffolk Punch horses, Shire horses, Albion cattle, Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs, Bagot goats and Cream Legbar chickens, with British Landrace pigs and Eriskay ponies.

The RBST awarded an accreditation to Chatsworth Farmyard earlier this year, recognising its important contribution to the conservation of some the rarest livestock and equine breeds native to the UK.

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