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Immigration plan for ex-services personnel backed

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A former police chief superintendent and founder of Ignite Your Inner Potential has backed a plans to scrap immigration fees for Commonwealth servicemen and women choosing to settle in Britain.

Kul Mahay, who spent 32 years with Derbyshire Constabulary and was once one of the most senior Asian police officers in the UK, has welcomed plans to scrap the fees for ex-services personnel who decide to settle in the UK after 12 years’ service.

Under current laws, Commonwealth personnel face huge fees – typically £10,000 for a service leaver with a partner and two children – if they choose to live in the country they have served for several years.

Last year, Kul set up TriPotential; a not-for-profit organisation which supports military personnel and helps them to transfer skills they have learned into other public sector organisations – including the police.

Kul, who co-founded the UK’s Black Police Association, said: “At last, it seems that we may have some movement with the launch of a consultation backed by both the Home Secretary and the Secretary of State for Defence.

“I’ve always been of the opinion that these incredible people have so much more to offer to the UK through other uniformed services, bringing cognitive and demographic diversity, military skills and potential for future leaders, increasing diversity and representation across our most critical public sector services.

“I hope that, through TriPotential, we may be able to support these servicemen and women who decide to stay in the UK after completing their 12 years’ service and, if sufficient financial backing is given to our social enterprise, that we can offer our support and experience for free.”

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