Latest News | 16 June 2021

Champions teams up with global recruitment firm

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Brand agency Champions (UK) plc has teamed up with a global recruitment firm to help it accelerate the introduction of advanced psychometrics to UK companies recruiting and managing workforces.

The firm has signed a deal with AI recruitment firm AssessFirst to assist and lead on its public relations and communications.

Founded in 2002 with more than 3,500 clients worldwide, including Coca Cola and Puma, AssessFirst is seeking to reinvent the way in which companies and recruiters hire staff in the UK.

The company provides non-biased details of candidates, including skillset, suitability and probability of success, helping businesses to make detailed and informed choices.

Matthew Hayes, managing director of Champions (UK) plc, said: “We are delighted to have AssessFirst on board.

“Their unique and innovative approach to the hiring process is something I really admire, especially during a time where corporations require innovation and stability within the hiring process.”

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