Latest News | 4 June 2020

Cutting ‘Edge’ technology

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Bondholder RDS Global's Black Box™ is expected to be instrumental in the recovery of UK offices, retail outlets, care settings, construction sites and schools.


As one of the only consolidated sanitisation technology solutions suitable for all access needs, The RDS Black Box™, which was launched last summer, has formed the basis for the Black Box Edge™, which took just over two years to develop.

The firm's £1M ‘cloud’-based software, supporting business recovery, is being tailored for use nationally with integration into sanitiser stations and is set to provide details on the take-up of hand sanitiser, identify who has used it within an organisation, control entry to a business premises, and even check people’s temperature.

Andy Flinn, chief executive officer at RDS, said: “RDS is working with partners providing businesses and their employees with the reassurances and confidence needed for personal safety. We have been working tirelessly to add our unique technology to electronic dispensing stands, to provide data regarding the use of sanitiser and order refill requirements allowing businesses to adhere to government guidelines as they prepare to reopen.

“The system is now so sophisticated that if an individual is running high on the temperature check there will be a recorded note, to not allow access for a minimum 14 days, and to raise an alert if the conditions are not followed.”

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