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Work-from-home Technology

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Bondholders RDS Global and True MSP have recorded a rise in sales as businesses bid to protect their productivity amid the Coronavirus outbreak.

Tim Rookes, who co-founded True MSP with Neil Shaw, says many companies are still reliant on traditional servers that mean employees have to use a VPN connection to access remote working. However, this can pose a security risk. On the other hand, cloud-based systems are extremely secure and are ideal for home working.

Tim Rookes and Neil Shaw

Tim Rookes and Neil Shaw

RDS Global’s Chief Executive Officer, Andy Flinn, added that more and more businesses are taking up cloud services to ensure continuity, and companies are also looking to expand their bandwith so that staff can still perform their duties from home.

In the past week, True MSP has seen a 50% rise in calls from businesses who want to allow their employees to work away from the office in the event of UK lockdown. The company has been working non-stop to help firms put contingency plans in place, but their efforts have been hampered by a shortage of laptops, which has led to a 25% price increase.

Neil said: “Most of our clients have already transferred to the cloud as a result of our strategic advice, which includes the need for remote working, not just in the case of disasters, but for seamlessly accessing data.

“However, the coronavirus outbreak has led to more firms reconsidering their current IT systems with several asking us to move them to a cloud-based system as soon as possible. We think this trend will continue as companies realise the benefits of the cloud.”

Andy Flinn

Andy Flinn

Explaining how RDS Global has been preparing for any fall-out from the virus, Andy said: “We have been able to put a complete solution in place where we can be in or out of the office. All of our workforce has the capacity to operate as home-workers or remote workers – and we are ready to step up our plan as requirements dictate.”

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