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City budget boost

Federation of Small Businesses (FSB)
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Derby stands to benefit from major investments announced in yesterday’s budget by Chancellor Rishi Sunak.

Much of the investment is being made as part of a £161m Transforming Cities Fund, including three new ‘smart’ park & ride hubs, the city’s first dedicated mass transit link and a new bike hire scheme.

Councillor Matthew Holmes, Bondholder Derby City Council’s Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Planning, Regeneration and Transport, said: “The overarching ambition is to radically improve the connections between where people live and work and provide better access to employment and training. As part of our commitment to climate change and improving air quality across our city, we have designed our programme to deliver significant reductions in emissions, encourage a more active and healthier population, and to support inward investment and regeneration projects.”

The general tone of the budget was welcomed by Bondholders East Midlands Chamber and the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB).

Scott Knowles, Chief Executive at the Chamber*, said: “Given the current challenges being faced, the Chancellor did a good job of reassuring businesses and communities of Government’s intention to offer meaningful and robust support during this period of uncertainty.

“Specifically, support in the form of additional business rates relief for the leisure, hospitality and retail sectors – and SMEs in general – will be welcomed, given the current and anticipated impact of coronavirus”.


The FSB, which represents thousands of micro businesses welcomed the cuts to business rates and support for statutory sick pay.

The infrastructure commitments on Derby’s growth corridors include:

  • Smart Park & Ride Hubs – Development of three new ‘smart’ park and ride facilities with improved cycling and public transport links, upgraded RTI and waiting and electric charging facilities;

  • Mass Transit Link – establish Derby’s first dedicated mass transit link across the city by providing a high-quality electric Rapid Transit (eRT) route directly across the city centre, linking some key intra-city destinations and public areas. The eRT route will be a key investment in revitalising the public transport offer in Derby, providing a new and innovative service and experience, which will include extensive traffic-free routing;

  • Demand Responsive Transport service – supplementary DRT which will link the city centre and rail station to key employment sites including Rolls Royce, Bombardier and Pride Park which will provide an innovative alternative to car travel for commuters;

  • ‘Bus priority corridors’ – upgrading junctions, infrastructure and RTI at key junctions to improve bus reliability on major routes;

  • Cycle lane improvements along key routes to employment sites, including dedicated cycle lanes along Slack Lane, Raynesway, and Nottingham Road

  • Workplace Travel Service – continued funding to enable SMEs to make improvements, which encourage staff to make sustainable travel choices.

Cllr Holmes added: “The Council has been determined to make this a truly ambitious bid, demonstrating that Derby is ready to transform transport across the city area and enhance the links between Derby and Nottingham, and we are absolutely delighted to have received the full amount of £161million.

“The economic benefits will be huge for both cities because this level of investment offers us the opportunity to implement some really exciting changes, bringing mass transit to the city, and creating public transport innovations and transport experiences”.


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