Latest News | 10 December 2020

Project D lands another sweet Amazon order

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Project D has landed another huge order for thousands of its luxury doughnuts from online retail giant Amazon.

The Derby bakery has been commissioned by Amazon to make more than 5,000 bespoke doughnuts for its workers across eight fulfilment centres across the UK.

It is the third order Amazon has placed this year with the Spondon-based firm.

In September, its bakers made 4,100 gold-themed doughnuts, which were delivered to Amazon staff from Edinburgh to London.

Project D, which is currently recruiting 100 extra staff in order to take their doughnut delivery operation nationwide, has received requests from dozens of big-name brands this year.

Companies, including Coca-Cola, Sainsbury’s and Channel 4 Television, have ordered handmade doughnuts as rewards for staff, prizes in competitions or for one-off promotions.

Operations director Max Poynton said: “Our new bakery means we have plenty of capacity to produce really big orders now, so we’re hoping this is a side of the business we can really begin to grow.

“We love nothing better than receiving an order to create something really one-off and exciting.

“We have some fantastically creative staff who can take a company’s corporate colours and make something that looks too good to eat.

“Lots of local companies have been using us for a while, such as East Midlands Railways.

“We’ve made thousands of doughnuts for them now and have just received an order for 500 Christmas doughnuts for its staff.”

Project D, which changes the flavours of its doughnuts every six weeks and also offers a vegan range, currently delivers to doorsteps across Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Birmingham, Leicestershire, Staffordshire and Yorkshire.

Max said: “Doughnuts make really great gifts because they are inexpensive and everyone loves them. They definitely put a smile of people’s faces and have been particularly popular during lockdown.

“Working with big names like Amazon is really exciting for us and it’s particularly nice that they have come back to us several times this year. It shows that they are happy with the high standards of our doughnuts.”

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